what you need to set up your own flower crown party

Looking for a creative and unique idea for your special event? Whether it is a birthday, baby shower, hen’s party or just for fun, making a flower crown is the perfect choice. It is fun and easy and all ages can enjoy. Flower crowns make a memorable party activity and fantastic way to mark a special event. But you might not have a idea what to do to host your own flower crown workshop. I’ve been there. Don’t worry! Here is the super easy way to plan your own flower crown workshop full of fun, laughter and beautiful blooms. 

1. Choose your party theme

You can’t plan anything until you’ve decided the party theme. By having this done, you will get an idea what need to be bought and put together. Throwing a party is mainly about entertaining people. Think about what the guests would like. You also need to consider the date, time and money when pick a right theme. Do a bit of research. Check out Pinterest or instagram for some party ideas and inspirations. Traditionally, ask people around you what their thoughts are. Do not stress yourself a lot. Regardless of your theme, the ultimate goal is having a fun. Thanks to this reasons, it is necessary to make your plans according to your best interests.

flower crown workshop melbourne
flower crown hen workshop

2. Decide your venue

You can have a party indoors, outdoors or at your place or a restaurant. Rsvp, season and occasion will obviously influence the decision. I personally love a picnic party in the park. 

flower crown picnic party
Flower crown picnic party

3. make a guest list and send out invitations

It is essential to figure out how many people will attend your event because it will affect on setting a budget, preparing food and other stuff. Send out invitations with rsvp. There are great online platforms you can try. Just ensure to you give people enough notice to save the date.

4. Stock up party decorations and equipment

Buy decorations that match your party theme. Balloons, banners, paper pompoms can look stylish. Stick to your party theme and avoid to go wild. Also don’t forget to prepare tables, chairs or stools according to the numbers of guests. You can sit on the floor or a couple of pillow for a picnic feel. You don’t need to buy the equipment. Try to use what you have and borrow from someone around you if you don’t have them. It will definitely save some costs. 

party decor idea
outdoor party decor

5. Get the materials for flower crown workshop

It is highly recommended to get the tools first including scissors, wires, floral tapes and ribbons (These are the fundamental equipment when you make a flower crown) Stock up the dry materials first and then source the perishable ingredients – the fresh flowers. They are the most important materials. First pick the colour palettes to fit your party theme. Mixing flowers with colours is endless. Unfortunately, not all fresh flowers can be used to build a flower crown. You should take into account the durability of the flowers to make sure the blooms last for a long time out of water. You will also want to avoid heavy flowers that are too big to wear. For statement flowers, spray roses, Lisianthus, paper daisies are hardy and available all year around. Wax, statice, baby’s breath, misty and gomphrena are great choices for filler flowers. Add foliage and berries to highlight. They go the distance and look pretty as an accent.

Click here to for a easy guide on a flower crown

Flower crown workshop set up
Flower crown workshop melbourne

6. Prepare party food

Plan things out what you will serve and who is bringing what. Popular menu items for a hens party are  cheese platter, sandwiches, fruits, dips, cup cakes, crackers. Apart from food, you can prepare water, soft drinks, juice, coffee or liquor. Make sure everything is still fresh by the day of the party. 

party food cheese platter
Party cheese platter
party food idea

7. Decorate the venue and get the flower crown party started

Decorating a venue can be overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be hard. It will be much easier if you have assistance from family or friends when installing party decors. Place flowers in little jars and put them on the table. Set up a flower crown workshop and let the fun begin.

flower crown workshop party

8. Wear your floral creation

It is time to admire your masterpiece and take lots of instagrammable selfies. 

I’ve only talked about the basic. You can add other options on the list. Most of all have a blast and enjoy a great party. Please leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or tips on planning a festive themed party. Check out our flower crown workshop page and read more details about how it works.

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